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Ti2 Design BoltLiner

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Ti2 Design BoltLiner

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If you want an EDC pen that’s worthy of your precious pocket space, it needs to have specific features and advantages over the run-of-the-mill disposable ballpoints you’d find around the office. Whether it’s robust construction, high-tech materials, the ability to take on our favorite refills, or a high fidget factor, it usually has to have a good combination of these elements to be on our shortlist of pens to keep in your pockets or pack. The new Ti2 Design BoltLiner takes a high-precision writer and updates it with a fast and fun deployment mechanism, making for a lightweight, sturdy, and fidget-friendly EDC pen.

Based off the company’s popular TechLiner design, the BoltLiner shares the same overall shape and the exposed needlepoint drafting tip that lets you see precisely where the point meets paper—and exactly where the ink hits the page. This can be incredibly useful for artists, draftsmen, technical illustrators, or anyone who wants a precise writer for everyday carry. Like the original, the BoltLiner has a grip area machined with grid pattern that has proven to help provide a secure and solid purchase while in use.

What’s different with the BoltLiner is the switch from the innovative magnetized cap system to an even more convenient bolt-action deployment. This ensures that you have no chance of ever losing the cap—something that can happen to the best of us, and more readily on a pen that will likely get tossed in with the rest of your daily gear, or regularly clipped into pockets. Inspired by the shape of the Hawaiian makau (fish hook), the cutout for the bolt was designed with smooth operation in mind. Combined with precise machining and robust materials, it gives a snappy deployment and retraction, leaving you not just with precision writer but also something that you could happily fidget with for hours.

As for refills, the pen comes in two different lengths to accommodate the most popular and common types. The regular BoltLiner is 5.125" with the tip retracted, comes with a Euro-style refill, and takes on the popular Pilot G2 cartridge and other similarly-sized refills. The other variant is the BoltLiner for the Parker Shorty, designed for the popular but shorter Parker G2 refill. Similar in aesthetic and dimensions otherwise, the variant comes in slightly shorter at 4.653" when the tip is retracted. Deploying the tip adds 0.3" to the overall length of the pen, regardless of which model you choose.

This pen’s lightweight titanium chassis keeps its weight down to 22 grams, making it the lightest titanium bolt-action pen as of this writing. You can have it in four different ways: a slightly reflective Satin finish, a wear-resistant Blasted and Tumbled treatment, a double-anodized Fallout colorway that features a combined blue and bronze sheen, and a Blackwash variant that utilizes Ti2 Design’s own Thermoreactive Diffusion (TRD) process for a darker wear-resistant shade. Finally, the bolt-action design allows the new BoltLiner to carry deeper in your pocket via its machined Grade 5 Titanium clip.

The BoltLiner is Ti2 Design’s latest pen offering, and it’s a solid choice for a high-precision EDC writer that’s available in different finishes as well as lengths to fit you favorite refill. Choose from four finishes, or get all of them in the Collector’s Pack. No matter which you choose, you’ll have a lightweight and sturdy pen that increases the fun factor of your EDC by several degrees, all in a package that’s tough enough to hang with the rest of your gear everyday. Check out this project on Kickstarter at the link below.

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