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RovyVon Angel Eyes E200U

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Mon Garcia
RovyVon Angel Eyes E200U

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With COVID-19 still at large, more than ever it’s important to pay attention to the gear we use and how they interact with our surroundings. In addition to social distancing and proper hand washing, adding a few tweaks to your EDC can help keep yourself and others safer and more hygienic. Take for example the RovyVon Angel Eyes E200U, a versatile light that packs the powerful output, long-lasting battery life, and quick charging time normally associated with bigger lights, plus an essential sanitizing output useful during our “new normal” situation.

When looking at the E200U, you’ll notice more than the usual amount of buttons and emitters. On one end of the light sits two CREE XP-G3 front emitters that pump out up to 1,650 lumens on High, operated by the primary button that sits on the flat side of the body, making it easy to find and access. A long press of the button gives you immediate access to a non-indexed ramping mode, letting you find the exact amount of illumination for your needs. Double-clicking accesses the light’s last used mode. Clicking from there cycles you through the four output levels: a 10-lumen Low that can run up to 24 hours, a 150-lumen Medium that runs for 8, a 700-lumen High that runs for 4, and an LED-pushing 1,650-lumen Turbo. An emergency SOS mode is accessed by pressing the same button three times. From any mode, a single press turns the light off. To prevent unwanted activation and to preserve your battery life, the primary button is designed to sit flush within its casing.

What makes the E200U different from most lights are the 3 LEDs that produce both UV-A and UV-C light. Located on the body of the light below the primary power button, it’s protected by a quartz window to allow the maximum transmission of UV light. In today’s circumstances and for use both as a detector and eliminator of harmful substances and microbes, UV light is becoming more sought after, especially the 270nm UV-C light which has been proven to be 99.9% effective at killing or inactivating harmful microorganisms, a function also shared by RovyVon’s earlier model, the E700U. The side lights are operated by the secondary button on the side of the light: a double-click or long press turns them on, while a single click turns them off. Triple-clicking the same side button also provides a quick way to access the light’s 1-lumen Moonlight mode which can run as long as 135 hours straight. Same as the primary button, the side button sits flush to prevent accidental activation in your pocket.

For fuel, the E200U uses a fast-charging USB-C port on its side. Rated at 5V and 2.4A, it lets you top up the internal rechargeable 1,400mAh lithium-polymer battery in as little as an hour. A quick press of the primary button lets you check you battery status via the four small battery indicator lights right beside it. The 25%-increment markers give you a clearer and easier way to check how much juice you have left.

All these features are housed in a 3.14" x 1.33" x 0.68" aluminum alloy body that keeps the weight down to 2.89 ounces. The chassis has grooves on the sides to help with grip and for some tactile feedback, while the bottom features a strong magnet that lets you hang the E200U on a metal surface for hands-free use. Also cut into the bottom are a lanyard hole and a tripod hole, offering more ways to handle, bring, and mount this light. Lastly, a removable and reversible pocket clip gives you a way to carry this versatile multi-function light in your pants pocket, inside your pack, or on a hat brim.

Packing this much power and functionality in such a small package makes the RovyVon Angel Eyes E200U a solid option for do-it-all EDC light. The substance-detecting and germ-killing features of its side lights also make it relevant for the current world situation. If you want a compact, yet powerful light that immediately upgrades your preparedness, this is a good way to go. Check it out at the link below.

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Nightwatch ·
While UVC is very effective at sterilizing surfaces, great care should be taken when using UVC emitters as UVC can damage skin and eyes much faster than UVA or B. I highly recommend taking the time to learn how to safely use them. Electronics Youtuber Big Clive (youtube channel bigclivedotcom) has a good video on safe use, titled "How to use a UVC germicidal lamp SAFELY."
Al.Truistic ·
I’ve been looking for a UV-C emitter for sterilization uses when not in reach of any disinfectant supplies. Does this come with instructions or info on how to use this feature? It looks small to do any heavy duty sterilizing, so I guess it’s best suited for small disinfecting tasks.