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Fenix E01 V2.0 Keychain Flashlight

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Mon Garcia
Fenix E01 V2.0 Keychain Flashlight

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Having a small and reliable flashlight on your keychain provides a measure of comfort and security that you’ll always have a useful light wherever you go. The Fenix E01 and E05 have proven to be popular choices in the early days of EDC keychain flashlights, and this year, the brand has come up with a modern upgrade for its classic pocket flashlight. The Fenix E01 V2.0 is a compact AAA flashlight that’s meant to hang with your keys and provide you with useful illumination anytime and anywhere you need it. With its compact deisgn, convenient power source, and useful everyday output, it’s the perfect backup essential for your EDC.

The Fenix E01 V2.0 comes ready to use with an AAA alkaline battery in the box, and it’s also compatible with rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, giving you a higher output and sustainable reusability. It powers the light’s Cree XP-G2 S3 LED to a maximum 100 lumens with up to 114 feet of throw. It’s able to hold this for 50 minutes off a topped off battery, and gives you a good burst of light for everyday use. From off, tightening the head gives you a 5-lumen Low mode with a 25-hour runtime, while a quick twist off and on again accesses the 25-lumen Medium good for just under 5 hours. One final twist ends up at the 100-lumen High. The V2.0 has come a long way from the 13-lumen, single output of the original.

The E01 V2.0’s 2.62" long CNC-machined aluminum body comes shorter than its predecessor, boasting IP68-rated protection that allows it 6.5 feet of submersion for 30 minutes—more than adequate for the splashes and accidental dunks of a keychain light. It’s also passed a 1.5-meter drop test to ensure continued use and operation even with the worst tumbles with your keys. To that end, a wider and more robust loop has been built into the tail end of the light, making it easy to slip the included split ring through. As usual, a spare o-ring is included to help maintain the light’s waterproof rating over time.

Small, practical, and affordable, the Fenix E01 V2.0 keychain flashlight continues the strong tradition of these lights as an easy addition to anyone’s keychain setup. It’s a no-brainer backup light that disappears into your pockets and completes your EDC kit. Grab it in either a stealthy black or a handsome dark blue colorway at the link below.

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To me this redesign takes away everything I loved the E01 for. The stupid simple design and UI. Just on and off and just a little bit of light in a bombproof package is what I loved so much about it. The V2 tries to be a full on carry light with to much modes. I’ll stick to my Sofirn C01 as a replacement E01 with a better tint. My god I hated the blurple tint on the old ones.