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Pacsafe Silver iON Mask

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Pacsafe Silver iON Mask

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Today’s pandemic world means personal facemasks are fast becoming one of the most essential parts of our daily carry. If you’re going to bring one, you’d want the best protection, and if you’re going to wear it all day for work, you’d want it to be comfortable too. Add some reusability and washability with minimal degradation of its effectiveness, and you’ve got convenience and sustainability as well. The Pacsafe Silver iON mask is a comfortable and washable option that provides multiple ways to protect you with its different layers.

The multi-layer construction consist of five functional layers. First off, a 3D skeleton helps the mask keep its shape, creating enough room for comfortable breathing and talking. Next, a high fluid resistance layer protects against airborne droplets and liquid splashes. As we go deeper, there’s the advanced silver ions layer that disinfects microbes, a static filter that diverts charged airborne particles via magnetic field, and finally, a liner made of antimicrobial Modal fabric infused with graphene that neutralizes odor-causing bacteria. All this translates to a 99% filtration efficiency against microbials and airborne particles, giving you a significant amount of comfort and protection when you’re out and about.

The silver ions used as the primary antimicrobial agent don’t wash away, and the mask’s built-in high-charged filters still provide 98% filtration efficiency, even after 20 washes. This provides good longevity for something you likely will be using regularly. The gray color also helps it blend in with whatever you’re wearing, and keeps the mask looking fresh and new even after a few weeks of use and multiple washings. Multiple iON masks also means you rotate, increasing each mask’s longevity and ensuring you always have one ready in case the other is in the wash.

The Pacsafe Silver iON mask comes in three sizes to ensure good coverage and a well-sealed fit. It’s matched to the distance between your lower eyelid and the bottom of your chin, so measure up and check against the brand’s sizing chart when you order. An adjustable nosebridge and stretchy earloops and keep them snug over your nose and mouth for however long you need them on, and offer a comfortable wear experience even with prolonged use.

The Pacsafe Silver iON masks also help reduce environmental impact and ocean plastic, a cause that’s also championed by the brand. Wearing masks protects you and the people around you, and choosing a reusable and effective one does us all good. Upgrade your daily comfort, increase your protection, and improve your convenience by adding the reusable Pacsafe Silver iON mask to your EDC. Grab yourself a few, and a few more for friends and family, at the link below.

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