My First EDC Kit

Roman Pido
Geek (age 43)
I've been meaning to put together an EDC kit. This most likely will be the first iteration.

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Gerald Woller ·
Excellent EDC! I like how you have your bases covered and everything in one package.
Roman Pido ·
Thanks, mate. Appreciate it.
Ben Vallack ·
Love the sharpie - I've always found it's just as needed as as normal pen. Does this size kit fit in a front pocket or is that a bit of a stretch?
Roman Pido ·
It’s a stretch. I carry it in my man bag.
Roman Pido ·
It’s a stretch. I carry it in my man bag.
RyRy T ·
How do you like that dual arc lighter compared to a regular zippo lighter?
Roman Pido ·
Well so far it's been pretty useful. Just need to make sure it's charged. It does hold a charge though.

The only thing I found as a drawback for this particular lighter is that when I have to light a candle and the wick is in deep, the arc won't reach the wick and is impossible to light.