New EDC for 2020

Michael Reed
Rhode Island
I recently added the Kershaw Fraxion to the collection and the Suunto Traverse is my first smartwatch so I decided to do an update for 2020. The Frontline holster is new and I had some gunsmithing done to the Jericho to get the takedown pin to stop hanging up on the holster upon draw. The CAT 7 touniquet is something I carry whenever I carry the pistol and I like how I can get the Condor pouch to slip behind a belt or in the webbing of my chest rig when I go hunting. I'm really liking my Suunto Traverse, the battery is great and I've come to love the GPS route and POI capability. I've created some routes for new hunting grounds I've not been to yet and tested the GPS waypoint navigation on a bikepath and it worked great. The season opens in 8 days, it will be a good one!

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