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VSSL Java EDC Coffee Grinder

Jonathan Tayag
VSSL Java EDC Coffee Grinder

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In the world of craft coffee, the quality of the beans is important but so is the grinder you use before you start brewing. At home you can avail of handy electric burr grinders,some but what happens when you’re away? In that instance, you should consider making a good portable grinder like the VSSL Java the heart of your mobile coffee EDC. The VSSL Java is special because unlike most handheld grinders you will find for sale, it’s made to be lightweight and portable while also being far more durable than other hand grinders are. Its smart design also makes it easy to use, and most importantly it makes consistent coffee grind whenever and wherever you need them. Whether you need a cup of joe right before starting a hike or you’re trying to get away from the hell that is office, hotel, or conference room coffee, the VSSL Java has you covered.

Unlike the flimsy plastic or bulky steel construction of other hand grinders, the VSSL Java is constructed out of aircraft-grade aluminum, making it weigh 360 grams total. At 6 inches tall and 2 inches wide, it’s not that bulky at all and it will pay for itself in spades with the coffee you can start making with it in your pack. And you can attach the grinder externally as well with the carabiner top that’s actually designed to bear up to 200 lbs of load under stress.

Where other coffee grinders use fragile ceramic burrs to get the job done, the VSSL Java uses a conical stainless steel burr that is purpose-built to be more rugged while still providing you a consistent grind and no added off taste to your roasts. You can dial in the fineness and coarseness of the resulting product by switching between 30 different settings at the bottom of the mill. The stainless steel construction of the conical burr also allows you to use less energy getting the beans ground, but to help you out the carabiner handle of the VSSL Java flips out and extends for easy leverage during use. There’s zero wobble in the design, meaning you get a uniform result every time, and ball bearings help grease the wheels letting you finish grinding in around a minute fully loaded.

With its use of lightweight durable materials, smart design that integrates well into the rest of what you carry as well as providing you a consistent grind of coffee every single time without hassle, the VSSL Java is a no-brainer choice if you’re looking for a competent hand-held coffee grinder to integrate into your mobile coffee making routine. Make a pledge today at its fully-funded Kickstarter page to secure one for yourself now.

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