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The Tactical Marker

Mikey Bautista

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Sharpie markers are a great EDC option due to their affordability, versatility in models, and availability in nearly every bookstore in the world. The Sharpie's plastic housing, however, doesn't lend itself to everyday needs and uses outside of the classroom or office. The Tactical Marker, a Kickstarter project by Bobby Davis out of MI, is aiming to take an ordinary Sharpie refill and making it extraordinarily rugged with an outer casing machined out of 7075 alloy. Additional features on the tactical marker include a removable leather strap and three tool tips which include a longer "Hammer" tip and a "Spike" tip which can be used as an awl or for breaking hard surfaces. There's plenty of time to pledge and put some armor on your favorite marker.


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Bobby Davis ·
I just added a Tool Tip Holder add-on! Check out Update #1.
Chris Szaroleta ·
Pretty sweet! I wouldn't mind seeing this with a pen on the other end with various removable caps, one of which would have a small LED on it and the other end would have a stylus tip. Imagine that! 4-functions in 1. Daydreaming...
Bobby Davis ·
Added a Carbon Fiber Tool Holder add-on. Update #2.
That's pretty rad!