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Trending: Tombow AirPress Ballpoint Pen

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Mon Garcia
Trending: Tombow AirPress Ballpoint Pen

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When you bring a pen for EDC, you want something that lasts and performs. The Tombow AirPress is a tough and durable carry-everywhere pen that features a robust metal clip and lightweight, rubberized, elastomer-coated body. It’s also a great pen to take in different conditions due to its built-in cartridge-pressurizing mechanism. Instead of using pressurized ink cartridges like most write-anywhere pens, this one primes and pressurizes its own ink cartridge when you click to deploy it. Because of this, the Tombow AirPress can write upside down, in cold conditions, and even on wet paper.

The thick grip and rubberized texture makes it a comfortable writer for quick notes or long journal entries. Last but not least, the clicker mechanism features a tactile feel and a subtle sound during actuation that makes this a fun and fidgety pen for daily carry. And at 4.8" long and 0.51 ounces, this take-anywhere and write-anywhere pen is an easy addition to your EDC. Check it out at the link below.

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dwhite ·
I really want to like this pen. I even bought 3 of them so I could leave them in different places; office, home office, bed-side table. However, I really haven't experienced a lot of luck with them. Either the refill doesn't last, or the pen won't "activate" to refill.
I'm going to move on to some iteration of a Space Pen.

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