Ready for anything

Jeff Golenski
Fall River, MA
My friends know me as the guy who is prepped and ready to deal with anything as it comes. Besides my Bug Out Bag, my everyday tech bag contains enough items for a day at the office, in the field, or travel. I also includea little gear in case of sickness and any unplanned emergency situations... And it all fits on my person and in my bag!

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Jeff Golenski ·
Also one item not outlined above. Magnesium firestarter + flint! And an alcohol based sanitizer.
Jonathan Richardson ·
Its nice to see someone else with a passport in there EDC! Nice EDC though Man
Christopher ·
Nice edc man, your set for anything. chive on!
You can always rely on a Chiver to be ready for anything :) KCCO!
Jeff Golenski ·
Chris Szaroleta ·
You can never have too much stuff. Two is one and one is none! Nice job...I can only begin to imagine the length of time it took to neatly place everything and take the pic!
Jeff Golenski ·
haha. about a half hour, for sure!
Chris Szaroleta ·
Awesome dedication!
Mike Whitehead ·
you make my bag look naked. But great set-up an lay-out.
Daniel Griffin ·
Now that is a carry. Good load out, good transport, multiple resources for a variety of situations. Well done Mr. Golenski. Well done. One question for you: Do you find the CRKT Eat'n Tool comfortable to use? I'm looking for eating utensils for my carry and that's one of the contenders.
Jeff Golenski ·
I absolutely love that tool. It takes a few attempts to get used to it, but it's remarkable, and easy to clean.
Jeff Golenski ·
Definitely an awesome tool as well, I was just sold on the bottle opener and actual tools that come with the CRKT.
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Scott Hadley ·
No gun?!
Jeff Golenski ·
This isn't my actual bug out bag. I'll upload that one next. :-)