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Trending: Victorinox Cybertool M

Gabriel Colin
Trending: Victorinox Cybertool M

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The Victorinox Cybertool M takes the traditional tools and functions you’d see in a regular Swiss Army Knife and adds extra utility to make it a solid addition to your DIY and electronics kit. You get more task-oriented features like like a bit driver with included bits, a wire stripper and cutter, a micro screwdriver, and a wire crimping tool. Although the Cybertool M might specialize in electronics, it still features over 30 tools, making it more than ready for everyday tasks as well. You have access to familiar tools like two blades, a bottle opener, a pair of spring-loaded scissors, a screwdriver, tweezers, toothpick, corkscrew, ballpoint pen, and many more. The body measures 96mm and weights 4.8 oz, keeping it pocket friendly despite its extended functionality. Add one to your toolbox at the link below.

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CampDiplIng ·
Most seductive layout and choice of tools!
I always fall for slim ones with pliers...
But my wife is suspicious on this would-be 10th SAK in the inner family circle.
So I have to let go.