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WE Knife Co. Brand Review: Quality, Uses, and Our Favorites

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Jonathan Tayag
WE Knife Co. Brand Review: Quality, Uses, and Our Favorites

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WE Knife has won over many everyday carry knife enthusiasts for their excellently produced stainless steel pocket knives coming out of China. It’s not uncommon to find an impressive mix of premium materials, unique and visually striking design language, and top-notch fit and finish from a WE Knife cutlery product. And more impressive is the value, as these knives tend to exceed expectations at their given price points. In this quick round-up, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite EDC knives from WE Knife Co. in 2022 that you’ll want to check out today.

Our Favorite We Knives


With its blade geometry, mix of materials, and heavy-duty construction, the Thug from WE Knife is an EDC knife that means business. This Matthew Christensen-designed pocket knife makes its presence known with its stout silhouette punctuated with a 2.625“ tanto blade in a premium CPM-20CV steel. Its traditional Japanese tanto blade geometry features a beefy, upswept curve to its point, giving plenty of usable cutting edge for its size while keeping its strong piercing capabilities for tactical applications. The Thug deploys with dual thumb studs, locking into a sturdy titanium frame lock. Last but not least, its titanium handle scales bring a high-performance and classy accent to a functionally tactical knife.

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This slim gent’s everyday carry knife is another work of art from Justin Lundquist, sporting a sleek minimalist design. Unlike most knives on the market right now, but true to Lundquist’s design language, the Eidolon deploys with a front flipper and secures into a liner lock. Its CPM-20CV blade features long and thin proportions, with a 2.9“ overall length in a flat ground, drop point shape that’s excellent for slicing. The letter-opener shape, discreet gray G10 handle, and overall slim design gives it an ”executive“ feeling that’ll fit right into a dressy EDC for the office.

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Miscreant 3.0

WE Knife brings an elegant Brad Zinker custom design to production with the Miscreant, keeping its signature long and thin handle with unique skeletonization throughout. Its CPM-20CV drop point, flat ground blade offers a just-right 2.75“ length and excellent shape for general EDC tasks. Deployment is easy thanks to a rear flipper knife tab and ceramic bearings, while a reinforced gray titanium frame lock secures it in place. The handle is just as impressive as the blade on this knife, with stylish skeletonized cutouts throughout to save weight and provide visual interest. Fans of Zinker’s customs and work with Boker Plus should definitely keep the Miscreant 3.0 on their radar this year.

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Design And Features

WE Knives feature unique designs often made by famous custom knife makers for a much more affordable production pocket knife price. But they are not budget knives; they tend to feature premium build quality that sometimes ventures into overbuilt territory. That attention to detail and high quality gives WE Knives a well-earned reputation in the community. Knives made by them tend to feature gray titanium alloy frames, premium steels like CPM-20CV, and sometimes even Damasteel treatments for a super luxurious look and feel. You get what you pay for, and WE Knives are certainly worth it for your EDC.


The Thug is a tactical folding knife built to take on all tasks, including self-defense and emergency application. It’s a beefy workhorse of a knife that will last you through rough times and hard use. The Eidolon is a modern gent’s everyday carry knife that gives your EDC a touch of class without sacrificing performance. The Miscreant is a versatile drop-point EDC knife that’s compact and convenient enough to always have in your pockets.

Opening Mechanism

The WE Knife Thug features a traditional thumb stud opening mechanism that every EDC enthusiast will be familiar with. With the Miscreant, you get a faster index tab flipper on the stainless steel blade, allowing a unique and easy one-handed opening. The Eidolon changes things up with a tab flipper-style opening that gives you more security than a tab flipper opening when the knife is carried loosely in your pockets.

Blade Materials

All three knives in this list use premium CPM-20CV stainless steel. WE Knives also uses many other high-end and super-premium materials such as M390 with their Arrakis knives. Some of their other knives feature Damasteel, like their Mini Malice. Quality is the name of the game when it comes to WE Knives, and as blade technology continues to improve, we expect to see them continue to innovate as time goes on.

Handle Materials

While titanium tends to be the primary blade handle material of WE Knives, their designs often have alternative models available as well. Take the Thug, for example, which also comes with a Carbon Fiber treatment. The Eidolon is available in a grippy nylon G-10 handle treatment as well as carbon fiber.

Is It Worth Purchasing WE Knives?

WE Knives can be more expensive than some of the more budget production knives on the market, but they are a great option if you’re looking to step up from more budget-oriented EDC knives. They provide great value for money and unique designs without requiring you to shell out tons of money and time for a completely custom job. If you can’t afford a WE Knife right now, put one of the EDC knives on this list on your wishlist and save up. You won’t regret it.

Honorable Mentions

If the WE Knives on this list don’t meet your needs, they make some other community favorite knives and unique EDC options that you should look at. For example, the Banter features a CPM S35VN stainless steel spear point blade. The Elementum is a frame lock knife with anodized titanium scales and a titanium deep carry pocket clip that is one of the community’s favorite flipper opening knives. The WE Knives Curvaceous features an upswept blade and a natural G-10 look that contrasts well with the gray titanium frame. And the Soothsayer takes the Damascus look of the blade and matches it with a titanium handle that comes with a stunning titanium damascus inlay.


Are WE knives made in the USA?

WE Knives are not made in the United States, although their designers can be based in the USA. They manufacture high-quality everyday carry knives in China.

Are WE knives available in stores?

WE Knives are available in select brick-and-mortar cutlery stores. But your best bet to pick up a WE Knife for yourself is to click one of the links below and follow it to online retailers who tend to have their pocket knives in stock.

Do WE knives come with a warranty?

WE Knives warrants their knives to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product. Keep in mind their warranty only applies to the original owner. Like other EDC knife manufacturers, they won’t cover you if the damage comes from intentional misuse or abuse.

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