Skynet Matteblack and Chrome

nick l.
Chicago, IL
This is an expanded version of my Everyday Carry, though not the entire contents of my work bag. Over the past year I decided to really focus on my EDC - and what is most needed from the perspective of an IT Manager and Audio/Visual Artist. There have been items that I tried that didn't work for me while striving to be a savvy shopper looking for discounts throughout the way. Regardless, very happy with what I've been able to piece together the past 12 months with using this iteration.

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I really liked the design of the Kingston flash drive until one day I discovered that the insides had dropped out of it, never did find them. After that fatal flaw I wouldn't get another or at least I would get some kind of snug fitting cap for it.
Chris Szaroleta ·
The Nomad is such a cool tool. How are you liking it?
nick l. ·
Really enjoying it! Definitely has helped out several times plugged into the Powerstation Duo - able to just toss it into a pocket and it's charged in no time, never had it come loose or anything either. Recommended!
Chris Szaroleta ·
Fantastic! Thanks for the feedback. ;-)