My to-be revised EDC

This is my carry everyday. I do work in a hospital setting, so no the pistol doesn't go into work, but on me when I arrive and when I leave. This zippo lighter is more for survival/prepper fire starter, I don't smoke, except a cigar on special occasions. I plan on adding a EDC flashlight, fisher space pen, benchmade or spyderco knife soon. However this is what I got for now.

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It's a great tool! The pliers slide out with just a quick flip of the wrist, and all your fold out tools are on the outside making it easy to open with one hand. The knife blade is not as long as say the leatherman wave or supertool, but it's monster sharp. Skinned a rabbit with it last year.
Well it sounds like I am going to the lokal outdoorstore tomorrow then. Thanks for the review :)
How is the Leatherman O.H.T? I'm thinking about buying one :)