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RovyVon Aurora A9 Pro Cu

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Gabriel Colin
RovyVon Aurora A9 Pro Cu

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Keychain flashlights have had a huge surge in popularity in recent years as technology advances and they just keep getting better and better. RovyVon has become one of the masters at making beautiful keychain lights with the performance to match and the Aurora A9 Pro Cu is no exception. RovyVon takes their impressively capable Aurora A9 Pro and uparmors it in copper, transforming the light to be more substantial in hand, naturally anti-microbial, and sure to look better with time and wear.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about the light is its beautiful copper body. The reason why this chassis is special is because although it looks shiny at first, with time and use the surface will oxidize and change, developing a patina that will be unique to your own light. Staying a true keychain light, the Aurora A9 Pro only measures 2.38“ x 0.61” and weighs in at 1.51 oz, being only slightly bigger than a pair of airpods.

As far as performance goes, the A9 Pro uses a CREE XP-G3 S5 LED, that unlike the normal A9 can put out a maximum of 700 lumens for 1.5 minutes before stepping down to 100 Lumens. It’s all powered by a 330mAh lithium polymer battery which will give you 8 hours of runtime on the “Low” setting. Conveniently, you only need a USB cable and 90 minutes to get a full charge into this light.

For its operation, the light features 4 different brightness settings that you can cycle through with its single-button interface as well as a couple of other useful modes. It starts at 2 lumens in “Moonlight” for an extended 35 hours of runtime. Then it steps up to 20 lumens in “Low” for the previously mentioned 8 hours. The next step is a 350 lumen “Medium” for 1.5minutes which then steps down to 100 lumens for 95 minutes. Last is its 700 lumen High mode for when you need bursts of light. For its alternative modes, you can press and hold the power button for a “Momentary On” which will take you straight to High until you release; or you can triple click the button to gain access to Strobe mode.

The package contains not only the light, but also a keyring, a USB cable for recharging, a lanyard, a warranty card, a user manual and an upgraded reversible pocket clip to give you multiple carry options. If the Aurora A9 Pro Cu sounds like your type of pocket torch, you can pick one up at the link below.

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