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Tactile Turn Slim Bolt Action Pen

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Mikey Bautista
Tactile Turn Slim Bolt Action Pen

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There’s nothing quite like owning and writing with a custom machined pen for EDC. Not only are they more deliberately designed and manufactured to much higher tolerances than the standard fare, but they also introduce unique functions and materials to your writing repertoire. Tactile Turn is one of the premiere pen machinists on the market, especially when it comes to their popular bolt-action pen for EDC. And their new Slim Bolt Action Pen (and Pencil) takes things to the next level by slimming them down for a friendlier writing and carrying experience.

With how popular the Bolt Action Pen is with their customers, Tactile Turn made sure not to fix what wasn’t broken. They’ve kept the design of the pen completely—along with all its associated options and accoutrements—but carved down the diameter to 0.365“ as per the biggest request of their user base. With a bigger capacity for production at their Texas workshop, they’ve answered the call with the Slim, offering the same great features in a size that takes up less space in the hand and pocket.

You get the choice of four premium materials when selecting a Slim Bolt Action Pen for yourself: titanium, copper, bronze, and zirconium. You also have a choice of three lengths to best fit your preference, from the standard 5.6“ length to a shorter 5.1”, and a compact 4.4“ as well for the ultimate portability. You can also further customize any combination of material and length with titanium damascus features, replacing the bolt, clip, or both with a unique, swirling, and eye-catching accent. An engraving on the clip is one last add-on you can avail of for the perfect personalized pen.

The Slim Bolt Action Pen takes on a number of refills depending on the length you select. The Standard (5.6“) comes with a Pilot G2 0.7 mm refill, the Short (5.1") comes with a Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 medium refill, and the Mini (4.4") comes with a Pilot G2 Mini 0.7mm refill. Tactile Turn have also compiled a list of compatible refills should you have a particular one for your needs. And if pencils are more your jam, Tactile Turn released a full suite of Slim versions as well to cover your bases.

Your favorite bolt-action pen needn’t hold you back from writing down your next big idea nor weigh you down when carrying your favorite writing tool. Build the perfect Slim Bolt Action Pen (and Pencil) at Tactile Turn’s site at the link below, and buy it for life thanks to their lifetime guarantee.

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That said though, I LOVE that they're willing to work with Damascus steel and they're damascus thumb studs/screws and pocket clips are simply amazing! Not to mention that they're 100% designed/made/assembled in the USA!!!

I prefer the older, thicker bolt action mechanism because of the almost deep carry pocket clip!

I've been wanting to get another one for myself. Maybe I'll go with the Short one this time around to compliment my regular one that's 5.6" long. I prefer short pens though, but i absolutely HATE those tiny D1 refills that their mini pens take. They don't have enough ink in them and I have still never found a gel D1 refill have actually liked!

If anyone has a coupon code for the TT website, I would buy the short titanium with the damascus thumb stud today.

But its refreshing to see a company like TT listen to their customers and come out with a skinny version of their world famous bolt action pens. Any company that listens like that is ok in my book. And I ALWAYS support products designed AND made in the good ole USA 😎👍🖊️🖊️🖊️🖋️
I myself prefer the Refyne EP1 bolt action pens for ONE big reason. They have a DEEP carry pocket clip. I won't carry much gear that DOESN'T have one anymore. That's why I carry one of my 4 EP1 pens (Titanium, Copper and Grey and Black PVD SS), or one of my 4 Bigidesign pens (Ti Arto EDC and 3x Pocket Pros).

Not to mention, the EP1's are cheaper, and the Bigidesign Ti Arto EDC and Ti Pocket Pros are WAY more versatile and can use almond every/any refill sold.