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Leatherman Ratchet Driver

Jonathan Tayag
Leatherman Ratchet Driver

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With its myriad of functions, EDCing a Leatherman multi-tool can make you feel like you have the power of an entire toolbox in your pockets. This rings especially true when you take advantage of all the screwdriver bits available for community-favorite tools like the Wave, Signal, Surge, Skeletool, and Charge. This year, Leatherman introduced the ultimate addition for these tools: the Ratchet Driver. This add-on both extends the reach of your Leatherman, helping you get into tighter spaces, and it adds a ratchet function that lets you drive a bit without having to spin the tool around and around just to get it going.

The Leatherman Ratchet Driver features a three-way ratchet system that lets you configure the driver for forward, reverse, and locked operation. Aside from saving you from having to twist the tool all the way around to deal with screws, the ratchet system also lets you apply more torque and free up hardware fasteners that have jammed up pretty good.

And the best part is that while it’s compatible with Leatherman’s own flat bits, the Ratchet Driver also works with standard 1/4" bits you may already have in your toolkit. All you have to do is pop the bit in, and the magnetic tip holds it in place while you work.

If you own any Leatherman multitool that has a large bit driver, tacking on the new Ratchet Driver should be at the top of your list. It makes for a serious quality of life improvement with a tool that’s already so practical and useful for everyday carry. And with how popular these tools are, if you want to buy one of these Ratchet Drivers for yourself, you should act fast because demand will surely outstrip initial supply. Purchase one today at the link below.

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Phil Lynch ·
does it work with a Wingman?
Joshua G Richardson ·
Fianallllyyyyyy! I have been waiting so long for this. I even made my own. Just picked this up today and it's amazing. I can use it with the TI EDS or gerber armbar or the gerber cable dog in my electronics bag!! Woooo
I wish I could remove the philips bit on my Free P2 and install this driver setup. Anyone know if that's possible?
Gerald Woller ·
The fact that this ratchet attachment fits so many different products is a total game changer.