Today's Carry. Love the ergonomics of the CRKT Pilar

Simple but reliable essentials. Love the ergonomics of the CRKT Pilar.

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josiah Huston ·
I agree the design and ergonomics on the pillar are flawless, but they do have some issues with tolerances I'm production. I've had two with significant blade movement and one that was actually good. .
Shawn ·
Yes mate, sometimes it could be the nylon washers holding the blade that could be the issue. Upgrading to better quality washers could hold the blade much better
josiah Huston ·
That was actually the issue with my first one. My second was actually the lockup that was loose. The lockbar didn't actually touch the blade it floated just shy of it. Even with with the possibility of issues though. I have to recommend these to anyone who's looking for a good knife that's not too expensive.