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ZEROHOUR Magnetic Quick Release

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Gabriel Colin
ZEROHOUR Magnetic Quick Release

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It’s no secret that carrying keys can be a headache. But your keychain is a great place to add functionality to your everyday carry, like keychain-sized tools or flashlights. The major tradeoff to these keychain tools, however, is accessibility and ease of use — it’s not always easy to use a tool when it’s attached to the rest of your bulky keychain. That’s where a “quick release” comes into play. The ZEROHOUR Magnetic Quick Release is the link your keychain’s been missing: it lets you quickly and conveniently attach or detach items from your keychain.

At just 24 by 13mm, the ZEROHOUR Magnetic Quick Release boasts an ultra-compact, elegantly simple design with two magnets housed inside a metal chassis which features holes for attaching keyrings. The two magnets are strong enough to avoid accidental detachment while you’re busy with your day to day life, but they’re not too strong as to become inconvenient when you need quickly get to your gear. For the metal chassis, you can pick between lightweight aluminum or a more premium titanium construction. Either way, both are incredibly light at 8.5 grams and 10.7 grams (respectively) and meant to withstand the wear and tear of everyday carry without any issue.

Even in its ultra-compact design, there is still room for more thoughtful features. Inside the metal chassis, you’ll find room for up to three tritium vials. However, with how successful their Kickstarter campaign has been, three glow-in-the-dark green vials (not tritium) already come pre-installed thanks to a stretch goal. Unlike tritium, they need to be charged by an external light source, but also unlike tritium, these are definitely legal in almost every country. This will not only add an element of “cool” to your carry, but will also help you locate your keys and tools more easily in low-light situations.

If you’re a fan of keychain multi-tools, Swiss Army Knives, keychain flashlights or even small EDC knives, the ZEROHOUR Magnetic Quick Release is definitely worth your consideration. Attach it to your belt loop, to an organizing pouch or even to a bag and go to town. Click the link below to get yours at their Kickstarter campaign, which has been funded for over 10 times its original goal.

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White Knight ·
I'm fairly impressed after looking at their kickstarter. they sell it well and the strong magnet 'jump' connection is an amusing conversation starter. As someone who has done mucho research on keyrings, I still find these a tad bulky and heavy. Maybe they could have made them smaller to achieve less bulk in the pocket. I find my latest experiment with plastic snappers bit.ly/3u6Utdz working OK, but they are still too long for me at 46mm, but weigh in at a goodly 2g. I stitch one into the top inside corner of my pocket with strong elastic, enabling the whole keyring to snap on, then these are danglies around a split ring. I'll put up a post later, but still room for improvement, IMHO. If these magnetic goodies were lighter and smaller....
White Knight ·
Update: I was more than fairly impressed after more Kickstarter time.
I'll put up with the extra weight for the day-to-day convenience and pleasure of magnetic play.
So I've backed the project, knowing I now get three glowing vials in each MQR, and an enhanced finish... "$25,000 Stretch Goal - UNLOCKED! Green Glow-in-the-Dark vials for FREE! We will ship your MQR with them pre-installed.
$75,000 Material Upgrade - UNLOCKED! Black Aluminum MQRs will be getting a Military Spec (MIL-A-8625) Type-III Hard-Anodized Anti-Abrasive finish."
Can't be bad, so I have ordered five, covering house key, multitool (usually Victorinox Signature, or Leatherman Squirt Es4), Mini Sharpie, Rovyvon Aurora A5U, and a spare or a Zebra SL-F1 Mini Ballpoint Pen if not using the Signature tool (both converted with a Fisher pressurised cartridge.)
Hopefully happy days!
Hi, does anyone know what the carbon fibre knife is in the main picture that’s attached to the silver key ring? Thanks!
Aaron Son ·
Yes it is called ZeroHour EDGE Carbon Fiber EDC Pocket Knife
Ah thanks mate