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student (age 18)
Eau Claire, WI
after my girlfriend got me this knife for christmas, and I stumbled into the utility of carrying a flashlight, I began looking for use full things to carry on me. I am still wanting a keychain flash drive, nice keychain nail clippers, and a flexy titanium un-wallet to round it out but I'm 18 and unemployed so it might be a while haha

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logan ·
no I don't carry the box its rather large, but good eye people I didn't think anyone would say anything. the box is actually made by a company called timeless timbers it is reclaimed wood from a shipwreck. on the box it says the tree its made from is over 500 years old and was under water for 200 years, plus they are located in Wisconsin so its local.
Chris Szaroleta ·
Great box! I'm thinking of making a similar box for all my EDC items.
nice looking wooden box organizer.
Kevin McDowell ·
sweet box, and diggin the brass maratac!
Jaysun ·
You carry the box? That is a genuine question. I've not seen that done before. Other than something like a Maxpedition pocket organizer.