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Moment AirTag Mounts

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Moment AirTag Mounts

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It’s always a rush to accessorize and personalize when new Apple products are involved, and it’s no different with the new AirTags. It’s a compact, puck-sized tracking system familiar to EDCers—prevent loss and misplacement by attaching them to gear—so they’re a natural fit for all the stuff we’re already carrying. But while Apple’s own options are limited for now, Moment wasted no time in filling in the niche with their new AirTag Mounts. They’re rugged and lightweight cases for AirTags that keep them secure and protected while staying completely out of your way.

AirTags work by sending a Bluetooth signal that’s detected by nearby devices in Apple’s Find My network. Not only does this let you track AirTags on a map, but being on the Find My network lets all devices within the network ping and track each other with greater precision than before. The latest iPhones can take advantage of new technology for even better accuracy when locating the AirTags, but on top of that they feature a built-in speaker to emit a sound so you can better pinpoint their location.

Whether it’s your wallet, your keys, a backpack, or a jacket, AirTags can be useful for most of your gear. With this in mind, Moment aims to streamline their use with three different mounts, each with their own, specific purpose, so you have the right mount for the job for EDC. First is the Hard Shell Mount, made with an Aramid Fiber Shell that’s able to withstand the punishment of everyday wear and tear. For extra protection, these mounts come lined with shock-absorption foam to prevent damage and keep things snug. It’s designed to stick to any hard surface thanks to their super-strong adhesive, and is recommended for sturdier surfaces like your camera case, bike, luggage, large electronics, and even drones.

Then we have the Curved Surface Mount. This silicone mount adapts to the shape of any surface you stick it on, and since there’s a lot of gear that don’t come with flat surfaces, a flexible mount means more versatility with the AirTags. It’s ideal for gear like surfboards, kayaks, music gear, smartwatches, camping gear, and flashlights. The silicone construction is also completely watertight, able to withstand many adventures. The Curved Surface Mount also features a rugged adhesive that allows for dismounting and reinstalling on new gear.

And then there’s the Stretch Fabric Mount. It comes with a special adhesive that securely attaches to almost any fabric. Whether it's a jacket, a bag, a purse, a backpack, a camera bag, or even a shirt, the Stretch Fabric Mount has you covered. It’s made out of premium bonded powermesh for extra durability and scratch resistance, and also features a double-hemmed closure to keep your tag even safer.

If you already have AirTags and need the extra utility with versatile mounts to cover your bases on all your gear, Moment’s robust mounts are worth tracking down. Check them out at the link below, and also take a look at Moment’s other AirTag carrying options like their leather keychain and glasses strap.

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