Timex x NN07 M79 Limited Edition Automatic Dive Watch

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Timex is best known nowadays for their quality everyday carry quartz movement watches that offer stylish looks, smart features, practical reliability, and immense value for money. The company has a rich heritage that goes far beyond the Indiglo glow of their modern timepieces, and they draw upon more than a century expertise in everything they make. This is especially true for their higher-end automatic mechanical watches that offer a distinctly different and special experience compared to the standard off-the-shelf quartz and digital Timex watch. Take the new Timex x NN07 M79, which takes a classic 1970s design and puts a classic automatic movement into the mix, giving you diver-style vintage class in a limited edition package that ticks all the right boxes in all the right places.

The Timex x NN07 M79 is a collaboration design with fashion house No Nationality, and in keeping with their overall motif of sevens, only 777 of these watches have been made. The base design of the watch is founded upon the original Q Timex watch from 1979, but things have been elevated with this modern remake with the inclusion of a Japanese 21-jewel automatic self-winding mechanical movement which features a day and date complication and a 40 hour power reserve that will keep on ticking even if you leave this watch at home for a day or two. The classic diver-style design of the watch is immediately apparent with large, legible hour markers. The NN07’s hallmark blue circle takes the 7 o’clock position as a subtle detail to differentiate it from the standard Q Timex. The rotating bezel is functional, and the luminous dial markers allow for easy reading of the watch even when things get dark. And part of the fun of choosing a watch with an automatic movement is being able to see the watch tick a bit differently from a standard watch, and you can certainly see that in action with the exhibition case at the rear of the watch which gives you a bird’s eye view of the watch movement in action when the timepiece is off of your wrist.

If you’re on the hunt for a watch with a timeless design and a vintage style, the limited edition Timex x NN07 is a great place to start. With only 777 of these watches made, it’s important to make your decision fast before the only place you can find one of these watches is on the secondary market. Click the link below and make one of these limited edition timepieces yours today.

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