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Trending: Orbitkey Clip v2

Mikey Bautista
Trending: Orbitkey Clip v2

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The core of the Orbitkey Clip v2 is a simple 3-part system you may already have seen before: a carabiner able to attach the whole ensemble to a belt loop or bag strap, a simple split ring to hold your keys, and a mechanism that lets the two detach and re-attach to each other. But it’s Orbitkey’s choice of materials and design that sets the Clip v2 apart on each aspect. Their new and improved clip is now all-metal and built from zinc alloy, smooth with a wide gate for quick attachment. On the other end is an easy-to-use open D-ring that’s compatible with every key or fob you’ll be using--no more having to break your fingernails trying to force open a steel split ring.

But it’s the Fidlock magnetic quick-release system connecting the Clip v2’s two components where the real magic happens. A simple tug on the D-ring side’s tab disengages the magnet and gives you instant access to your keys without having to unclip the whole system from your bag or clothing. And when you’re done, the magnets pull the lock securely back into place. With the way the two components are designed, the tab only pulls one way to disengage, so you can rest assured that the two won’t come apart accidentally. Clip, tug, open, and re-attach: it’s as simple as a keychain can get, while still offering complete and convenient functionality.

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