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Trending: NarwhalCo Mini Pen

Gabriel Colin
Trending: NarwhalCo Mini Pen

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Having a pen on you is always a good idea. You might need to sign documents, you can use it to write down ideas or memos or someone else might need it. And an even better idea is to carry a pen that saves space inside your pockets while being big enough to give you a functional, comfortable writing experience. This is exactly what the NarwhalCo Mini Pen aims to deliver. Only 3.35“ in length and 7mm in diameter, the NarwhalCo Mini Pen is small enough to fit inside most pocket notebooks, passport covers, bifold wallets, or shirt pockets. While it might be a compact pen, its metal and plastic construction make it strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday carry while giving it enough of a heft for a satisfying experience. As far as deployment goes, you only need to twist it to gain access to its refill. Better yet, in the link below, you’ll be able to get a set of two pens, each with its own protective cover.

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