Behind the Kit Carry

Murfreesboro, TN
For an impromptu recording session with a guitarist buddy, these are the items I carried. Obviously, my actual drums aren't pictured.

These Pro Marks are the sticks I've been using for years and I love them dearly.

I always keep water with me when I play...gotta stay hydrated! This Klean Kanteen does very well.

The Shure SE425's are phenomenal. I tried so many other types of headphones/earbuds in years past, but after these, I will never look back.

There's my phone, which among its 1,000 other uses, is also my go-to metronome. I have the app pulled up on the screen.

The Leatherman Sidekick is usually thrown in my bag anyway, but here, I'll use it for any emergency repair work on my kit.

I use the "OF COURSE I'M IN A BAND" card case any time I'm playing. It'll hold my ID, a couple credit/debit cards and a few bills.

This drum key is super special, because it was included in with the purchase with my drums...you can't just buy a gold drum key anywhere!

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Chris, you are a man of many great carries.
Glen, you, sir, are a man of many great...ummm...hairstyles. ;)
Nice carry Chris. The gold drum key is a nice touch - a good reminder EDC frequently extends utility to reflect the unique character of the owner :)
Can't clearly see your phone screen, what metronome app are you using?
Hey Daryl! The name of it is Mobile Metronome. I paid the $1.50 for the Pro version. The developer's name is Gabriel Simoes. It has a simple interface design and a lot of very user friendly features.
Always awesome to see other Promark players out there!
You better believe it, John!
Klean Kanteen is great choice. In our house you can easily find 8 Klean Kanteens. I personaly own two, great practical product.
I couldn't agree more, Lubomír!
Good stuff Chris! I like the ProMarks, but I'd have to throw in a DW key though! Always good to see other drummers!