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Trending: Apple AirPods Pro

Mikey Bautista
Trending: Apple AirPods Pro

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With their shorter, less visible stems and the introduction of active noise canceling technology into the mix, Appleā€™s new AirPods Pro should be your truly-wireless earbuds of choice if you're an iPhone user, as they are a worthy step up from the previous generation. They also fit in ears better than the last model, which is something you should check out if they didn't work for you the first time around. State of the art noise canceling and transparency, silicone tips that are compatible with more ears, a lower profile design, and a new wireless charging case that gives you a total of 24 hours of playback--the AirPods Pro is at the top of the heap of wireless earbuds for a reason, and a great addition to any tech EDC.

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Gerald Woller ·
I love my Apple AirPods Pro‘s! I use them for work all the time editing video on a MacBook Pro.