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COAST Slide Focus Flashlights

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Jonathan Tayag
COAST Slide Focus Flashlights

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If you haven’t heard of COAST before, you’re missing out on all the quality everyday carry gear they manufacture. In particular, their LED flashlights have offered impressive build quality and features as well as great value for money. Their newest flashlights feature USB rechargeability and a unique focusing system that makes them a versatile choice for EDC, ushering in a new generation of modern lights with the performance and tech to match.

Each of the new lights in COAST’s Slide Focus line feature similar build quality, overall design aesthetic, and features. At the center of their design is the namesake focusing system, which lets you fine tune the pure-beam focusing optic at the emitter with an easy push or pull at the head of the light, which you can easily operate one-handed. This lets you fine tune the beam of the light from a wide angle flood for close-up area illumination all the way to a concentrated spot beam for identifying objects in the distance. The primary differences lie in the various sizes, battery capacities, and power outputs that each light brings to the table, but all of them have a unified design with an aluminum core, grip-enhanced handle, and tail switch operation. The Slide Focus line has a light that’s suited for most situations you’ll encounter on the daily, and we round up what makes each light special below.

The two smaller lights in the line best suited for everyday carry are the XP6R and the XP9R, leveraging the use of included rechargeable cells, or lithium CR123A primaries in a pinch. The XP6R is the smallest light in the group, measuring just 4 inches long and only 2.6 ounces in weight total. It features a dust resistant construction and a max 400 lumen output out the front powered by a micro-USB rechargeable protected ZX310 battery or 1 x CR123A cell. The XP9R features a more potent 1,000 lumens at max output, and dual fuel capability with its ZX850 USB-C rechargeable battery or 2x CR123A cells. This model measures 5.12" long and 5.6 ounces in weight, still plenty manageable for handheld use and convenient carry.

Check Out the XP6R

Check Out the XP9R

The first of the two larger models is the XP11R, an IP54-rated, rugged, full-sized light featuring a Turbo mode that goes up to 2,100 lumens. It's protected ZX1000 rechargeable battery can be recharged onboard with the USB-C port built under the XP11R's tailcap, and for added convenience this model features a battery life indicator on the tail switch so that you always know when the light needs to be charged before critical operation. And in an emergency you can power up the XP11R with easily-accessible 3 x AAA batteries.

Check Out the XP11R

The XP18R is a large, duty-sized light that offers the highest output and runtime of the line, with a max of 3,650 lumens out to 330 meters on Turbo, or an extended runtime of 58+ hours on Low. The XP18R also features the ability to lock the Slide Focus system at your desired setting with an additional twist motion. Like the XP11R it comes with a rechargeable ZX960 battery you can top up onboard with the port under the tailcap (which also has a battery indicator in the switch), but it also supports an alkaline battery cartridge that fits 6 x AA cells when needed.

Check Out the XP18R

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