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Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elite Knife Sharpener

Jonathan Tayag
Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elite Knife Sharpener

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So you’ve just got your brand new EDC knife and its factory edge is razor sharp, right out of the box. But what will you do when your knife starts to get dull? All knives need sharpening and maintenance, including ones made with high-end super steels. Regular tasks like opening packages can wear down and dull an edge, making your knife less effective and more dangerous compared to a sharp one. And while bringing your blade back to its former glory might seem like a daunting task, Work Sharp’s new Precision Adjust Elite Knife Sharpener was designed to make the process as easy and efficient as possible.

The Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elite is a one-stop shop when it comes to all of your blade edge maintenance needs. Its design allows you to adjust the angle of the abrasive sharpening stones from 15 to 30 degrees in 1 degree increments. The knife itself clamps securely into place, ensuring a safe and consistent workflow while sharpening. This angle versatility also lets you get to the exact same blade edge angle as the designers of your knife intended.

The mechanical nature of the Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elite ensures you can keep the stones moving at the same angle throughout the length of the knife for an even sharpening experience that can take years of experience with a traditional whetstone. The Elite kit comes features a more comprehensive set of Work Sharp’s Tri-Brasive Rods, including 220, 320, and 400 grit diamond stones for reprofiling, 600 and 800 grit diamond for resharpening, and ceramic and leather for honing and stropping for the ultimate edges.

Like the original Precision Knife Sharpener, switching between rods on the tool is done by inserting a rod into the tower chassis, and all you need to do to get the other side of your blade sharp is flip it around while still attached to the clamp. Combined with a base you can disassemble and the custom carrying case as a part of the Elite kit, maintaining your knives even while on the go has never been easier.

With the Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elite, you can sharpen the everyday carry knife of your choice with ease and consistency, and once you pick one up you’ll go through your entire collection in no time. Check out the links below to pick up the entire system, or as an upgrade kit if you already own the original Precision Adjust sharpener.

Check Out the Precision Adjust Elite Kit

Check Out the Upgrade Kit

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Just got mine yesterday. The case is really nice and it’s very easy to set up and use.