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Black Ember Kompak Collection

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Black Ember Kompak Collection

There’s a common misconception that minimalist EDC gear equates to a barebones experience with minimal features. But with thoughtful design, the right materials, and clever construction methods, even ultra-compact minimalist gear can go toe-to-toe with beefier alternatives when it comes to functionality. San Francisco-based Black Ember has proven this time and again with their feature-rich, modular technical bags and carry goods. This time around, they’re bringing their signature no-compromise design ethos back to Kickstarter with the Kompak Collection. Featuring a “surprisingly spacious” cross body EDC bag, an ultra-slim bifold wallet, and a magnetic keychain, the Kompak Collection transforms your collection of gear into a sleek and seamless EDC system.

As the cornerstone of the collection, the Kompak crossbody bag defies expectations of what a bag this size can carry. It’s optimized to store most small-to-medium-sized gear in one place, ranging from things like your phone and EDC tools, to notebooks, small tablets, and full-size headphones, compact cameras, and even a travel mug. It achieves this thanks to the combination of an efficiently organized layout and a high-volume main compartment.

The Kompak’s space can be divided into two sections. The rear section’s compartment is more spacious, featuring a zippered pocket at the very back as well as two slide pockets cut at an angle for easy retrieval of flat items. The rest of the space can hold bigger items like headphones or a small camera on top of the previously mentioned compartments.

The front section features three slimmer pockets in total, organized in a vertical manner so you can easily slide your gear in and out. The first compartment is divided into two uneven sections, a wide one for your keys or keychain, and a narrower one, perfect for a pocket knife or flashlight. The second compartment can hold something like a folded facemask or charging cables. Finally, since the third compartment features a cable passthrough, you can use to easily charge your phone with a power bank if you happen to deposit it inside the Kompak’s magnetic front pocket.

Despite its impressive carry potential, the Kompak still rides close to your body for a secure and comfortable fit thanks to Hypalon “wings” that contour and allow the bag to lay flat against your body. The Kompak is one of the first bags on the market to use CORDURA brand ECO recycled nylon fabric. Black Ember leverages its BOND-STITCH construction to produce precise, durable, and weather-resistant seams without the bulk of traditional sewing methods.

Next in the collection is the Mag-Fold Wallet: a minimalist magnetic wallet made from multiple layers of CORDURA nylon. This wallet features four card slots to accommodate a wide range of cards. An elastic band keeps your folded cash in check as a slimmer alternative to a dedicated billfold section. Four hidden magnets provide peace of mind and ease of use, giving you a bit more insurance against your cards or cash falling out without making the wallet harder to use.

Last, but not least in the collection, we have the Magnetic Keychain 02. This elegant new keychain was designed to allow you to easily attach and detach your items when you want to, but stay as secure as possible when you don’t. It attaches to your belt loop, bag, or even one of the Kompak’s pockets with a miniature aluminum hook that features a spring-loaded gate. Once you’ve successfully attached it, you can use its Fidlock buckle below to quickly and easily release whatever you’re carrying, from your car keys to a compact piece of gear.

No matter the item in the Kompak Collection, one thing’s clear: Black Ember’s designs consistently give you as much functionality as they can while retaining an elegant, minimal aesthetic with a construction that’s worthy of any EDC. You can learn more about the collection at their fully funded Kickstarter campaign linked below before it ends on 11/12/21 at 12PM PST.

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magnetic wallet... with magnets next to your credit card, which still requires the magstrip at times.