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GPCA X Clip PRO Carabiner and Leash Set

Jonathan Tayag
GPCA X Clip PRO Carabiner and Leash Set

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There are many uses for a strong and durable carabiner in your everyday carry, but when you own a dog, integrating a system like that into the leash for your pet can be life changing. That’s where the new GPCA X Clip Set comes in, bringing you a modern EDC-friendly dog leash system that offers durability and quick detach convenience while also being much more comfortable for your canine friend than the standard keychain hook you’ll find on an off-the-shelf leash. And the best part: the carabiner can be useful for your EDC, too.

More than a carabiner hook system, the GPCA X Clip PRO Set features a pull system for control and a modular design that allows for handling more than one dog at a time. The clip is designed to quick attach/detach from a D-ring at any angle, and it like the rest of the set is precision CNC machined out of durable stainless steel and titanium with diamond knurling for extra grip.

The control clip lets you get a firm grip on the rope leash that’s far more comfortable and secure than wrapping the leash itself around your hands, and because it can clip onto your belt you can stow the leash away when you’re at a place where one is not required, letting your best friend roam free to explore their surroundings. The system also lets you secure your buddy if you need to quickly dart into a private establishment where they can’t follow.

And even if you don’t own a canine companion, you’ll appreciate the overbuilt durability and practicality of having a large everyday carry carabiner as part of your EDC, especially if you need to carry around lots of things while camping or traveling away from home.

If you’re looking to up your game and buy a leash that’s as smartly designed as the rest of your everyday carry, you should take a look at the Kickstarter page for the GPCA X Grip PRO Set. General Purpose California has had two successful campaigns in the past and the X Grip leash system is set to be their third hit. And if you click the link below and secure one for yourself today you can take advantage of the early bird pricing as well.

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