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A Look at SOG’s Elite New EDC Knives

Everyday Carry
A Look at SOG’s Elite New EDC Knives

With the introduction of new lines and with a clear focus on providing high performance at an accessible price point, SOG has some of the best everyday carry knives you can buy today. And they keep on innovating, adding new designs and updating existing products to continue offering some of the best features and value. In particular, the new Ultra XR knife gives you a super-lightweight EDC option with premium materials and top-tier blade steel.

The updated Terminus XR LTE exemplifies SOG’s pursuit of improvement, using carbon fiber liners in the handle to tip the scales even less than the already rock-solid original knife. SOG’s commitment to reinvention and innovation shines brightly with these two new knives, and they should be high up on your list when looking to add to or upgrade your everyday carry folding knife collection.

SOG Ultra XR

The Ultra XR lives up to its name of with some of the best combinations of extreme materials and performance in a knife, executing with an eye-catching CRYO CPM S35VN clip point blade in a gold colorway and a premium carbon fiber handle that offers great contrast as well as ultra-lightweight performance. It’s a complementary pair of features, with the blade being an elite steel with tough and corrosion-resistant properties, strengthened even more with cryogenic heat treatment and a titanium nitride finish, nestled in one of the best strength-to-weight ratio materials available.

The knife itself weighs just 1.2 ounces for barely-there carry, enhanced by the fact that the blade itself is super-thin with a 0.08“ thickness along its 2.8“ length. The secure XR lock in the thin handles can hold the blade in place without a stop bar inside the handle, contributing even more to the narrow profile. And thanks to this profile, the Ultra XR’s titanium money clip can even double as a money clip to consolidate your cash and card essentials into one discreet package.

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Terminus XR LTE

LTE stands for “Light Edition,” and this updated Terminus XR LTE is 30% lighter than the original at just 2.2 oz. The weight savings comes from the use of a combination of G10 and carbon fiber in the skeletonized handle and scales, and minimizing everything else save for the XR lock that holds the 2.95" CYRO CPM-S35VN clip point blade into place after you kick it open with the flipper tab or thumb studs.

Like the Ultra XR, the design of the knife leans towards a sleeker and more slender profile, with the reversible deep carry pocket clip updated to be a bit stronger to ensure the knife stays secure in your pocket even at the lighter weight. But rest assured—the knife is still a serious contender as your next everyday knife. The blade length carries well in most locales, and can slice its way through most tasks thanks to a similar cryogenic heat treatment that gets it to an HRC of 60-62, finished in titanium nitride. And thanks to the new handles, this is one of the lightest and most robust knives you can carry yet.

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