Localization (age 39)
Took quite a while to assemble, going through a number of wallets, knives, keychains..

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Teeritz ·
Nice to see the Nassau too. Great bang-for-buck watch.
Always glad to see people who actually carry their Sebenzas. I've been considering picking up one of those Beta lights.
Kevin McDowell ·
Double Leatherman carry? LOL, Leatherman is my favorite EDC item for sure!
localizer ·
Thanks, guys. I just realized I forgot to tag the USB stick, it's an older model Cruzer Titanium (liquid metal). I do have a soft spot for all things titanium, lol. @craig - you mean flashlight? I alternate between the two pictured and also have a Streamlight Stylus Pro which is actually a great option as well.
Chris Szaroleta ·
Great stuff, localizer! I love seeing the CRK small Sebenza...
localizer ·
@Rob - yeah, I do agree that stuff should be carried instead of kept behind a glass :)
@Teeritz - Nassau is definitely the top favorite! An amazing watch.
localizer ·
Yeah, I dont carry the Charge around much, but it is the primary tool to do some stuff around the house, with the bit kit you can really do quite a lot with this amazing tool.
craig b ·
Definitely like the charge! Do you have a favorite light you carry, localizer?
Ádám Gy ·
Charge in black?! Must have!