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RovyVon Angel Eyes E3 Hybrid Flashlight

Gabriel Colin
RovyVon Angel Eyes E3 Hybrid Flashlight

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If there’s one thing that any EDCer can appreciate, it's versatility. The more you can do with the same amount of gear, the better. A great example of a tool that can rise to the occasion in a wide range of situations is the RovyVon Angel Eyes E3 hybrid flashlight. Now in its second iteration, the Angel Eyes E3 boasts a compact size, two power sources, dual LEDs, and four different emitter configurations to make it one of the most versatile flashlights in its class. If you need some flexibility in not only the output of your flashlight but also how you power it, you should have your eyes on the E3.

Unlike most flashlights on the market right now, the Angel Eyes E3 features a dual-battery setup making it easier to make sure your light’s topped up and ready to go, whether you’re traveling or during an emergency. It can powered by its built-in, USB-C rechargeable LiPO battery or by a single AAA battery. The former is convenient for daily use when you can charge the light at the end of the day, whereas commonly available AAA batteries are quicker to use in an emergency. 

Both of these power sources will power its dual LED setup, available in four different configurations. You’ll get to choose between x2 Cool white LEDs, x2 High CRI Warm White LEDs, a mix of the previous two and even a Cool white + Red LED combo. 

In its most powerful configuration, the Angel Eyes E3 is able to put out up to 700 lumens, for 3 minutes before stepping down to 150 lumens, an impressive task for a light this small. Available through its single-button interface, you’ll be able to cycle between a 100 lumen Medium, a 10 lumen low and a 0.5 lumen Moonlight and even a Strobe mode as well.

One final aspect of the Angel Eyes E3’s versatility is its portability. At only 2.6“ long, 0.53” thick and weighing 1.1 ounces, it can ride on your keychain via its keyring attachment point or carry more traditionally in your pocket with an included removable pocket clip. Despite its smaller size, it’s sturdy enough for EDC thanks to a 6063 aluminum construction and IPX7-rated water resistance. Available in Aqua Blue, Orange, Green, Black and gunmetal you can pick one up at the link below.

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American EDC ·
Looks like a cool light. I’d go with the warmer color temperature.