Last Day of January Carry

Murfreesboro, TN

The wife and I are about to head out to run some Saturday errands. We'll likely take her car because it's better on gas (Prius), so I don't have to have my actual keys with me. The Shard and Squirt will go in the left pocket and the Sage and Fenix in the right. I'm also counting this as my new Everyday Carry site status carry...I'm a PRO!

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Your Suunto Core Black is beautiful Chris!!!
One of my favourite carries. So sharp! (Pun intended)
Thank you, Walrus! (Puns welcome...even encouraged)
Diggin the clean look of this carry. I think I would ditch the Shard though cause other than the prybar the Squirt has all those tools. Hope you don't feel like I am "bashing" you.
Not at all, Kevin. To be honest, with this carry, it was less about multiple tools and redundancy and more about matching the black theme. ;-)
Man, I'm jealous! Awesome carry.
Great set up Chris, like the weekend EDC!
Yeah, buddy! Gotta step it up on the weekends!
Your carry inspired me to pull out my Sage today!
I'm never too far from my Sage, DevoD!
Also the Gerber Shard, do you tend to have it loosely in your pocket or does it fit more comfortably on a key chain or something similar?
On this day, it was in my pocket, but for the most part, it remains on my keychain. Whether on your keychain or in your pocket, you do have to be careful to not get poked...
On the lookout for a decent Card Holder for my Black EDC, how you finding the Fossil Card Case? Wallet is falling apart in my hands so I think it's time for a change.
I love the black themed EDC. Its my goal to make assemble one.
It's a good goal Goran!
Hey Chris, just want to say you have really awesome gear, and your pics are cool too. It's a breath of fresh air to have someone be so positive in their comments instead of bashing people's carries like some folks do. Anyways thanks again for all the awesome posts! Keep it up!
WHO'S BASHIN CARRIES??? not on my watch
Thanks, Kevin! At least we know Bernard has our backs. ;-)
This os great for my eyes. Bad for my wallet :-)
Haha! The entire site is bad for our wallets, Craig! ;-)