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WESN Sharpening Kit

Jonathan Tayag
WESN Sharpening Kit

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You can have the most expensive knife, made out of the most premium materials, but if you never maintain and sharpen your knife, it won’t do you much better than a dull piece of rock. Of course, there are many ways to go about sharpening you knives, but the first step to success if knowing that you have to do it. That’s why EDC knifemaker WESN has gone ahead and designated April 9th as International Knife Sharpening Day as a way to help spread awareness about sharpening your knives. And to make things even easier for you if you’re starting out on your knife sharpening journey, WESN has put together a special sharpening kit for the occasion.

The WESN Sharpening Kit comes with a pocket-sized sharpener and a leather sheath that acts as a strop. If you’re confused, we’ll explain: the stone sharpener is made out of an abrasive material, and when you slide your knife’s edge across it at the right angle, you’ll begin to shape the steel edge back into place. There are many methods to go about this, and the precise edge depends on the exact knife you have in your hand.

The long and short of it is that the small size of this stone means you can take it along with you unlike other sharpening systems where you need to set aside a space on your workbench or run a full-sized machine to get things going. Plus the leather sheath also operates as a strop, as the leather itself is finely abrasive enough to hone the steel on your blade’s edge. Basically, you’re less grinding a new edge so much as pushing the blade edge back into shape.

The best part about the WESN Sharpening Kit is that for a limited time only, and as part of this special new holiday, is available for 20% off as a package. Whether you’re looking to start out in the art of sharpening your blade or need a backup method to sharpen your steel when you’re on the go or outdoors, make sure to click the link below and pick up a WESN Sharpening Kit today.

Additionally, if you'd like to participate in International Knife Sharpening Day with WESN, here are some extra things you can do to celebrate with the community:

  • Sharpen your knives
  • Take a photo of your rejuvenated collection
  • Tag #IKSDay
  • Whether you’re sharpening a WESN blade or not, tag @wesngoods on Instagram—they’ll be reposting their favorites throughout the day.

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