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Victorinox 125th Anniversary Replica 1897 Multi-tool

Gabriel Colin
Victorinox 125th Anniversary Replica 1897 Multi-tool

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With hundreds of iconic products and millions of tools made every year, you might have already guessed Victorinox has a rich history behind its name. Like their tools, their company is packed with stories and experiences that span three different centuries, and this year, they celebrate its 125th anniversary.

In 1884, Victorinox’s creator, Karl Elsener, started a small cutlery shop in Ibach Schwyz in Switzterland. He supplied soldier’s knives for the Swiss army, and in 1897 he developed a lighter, elegant model for officers trademarked as Victorinox’s first multi-tool, the Original Officer’s and Sports Knife. To celebrate the tool’s extensive legacy, Victorinox has re-released the original design in its classic glory, giving it the modern treatment as a tool for today’s user. The Replica 1897 keeps nearly every design feature of the original tool intact, with updates to its manufacturing and materials to provide it with the proper construction it deserves.

Victorinox began its development by referencing the first Officer’s and Sports Knife’s specifications from their archive and applying their contemporary production process for individual parts to increase precision and quality. But like in 1897, each of the knives in this limited run is assembled by hand as a final step.

The Replica 1897’s construction features 18 components that combine to give you six unique functions. You’ll find a reamer/punch, a can opener, a small blade, a corkscrew, a large blade, and a 5mm screwdriver. While their original design has been kept intact (notice the difference between the Replica’s corkscrew design and a modern Swiss Army Knife), the tools are now crafted from stainless steel instead of the carbon-based original. The scales keep their original color and shape but now feature a vulcanized fiber construction instead of traditional wood.

A one-of-a-kind tool that defined an industry spanning generations deserves a unique celebration. Victorinox has created a special limited run of only 9,999 numbered pieces for the Replica 1897 worldwide, presented in an ornate presentation box. Own a piece of tool and EDC history at the link below.

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They need to fire the 12 year old girl that does the marketing for Victorinox. Look at the victorinox web site and then think about who buys and collects SAK's. Secondly this is a sad attempt to take advantage of collectors with a overbuilt paper box with a $40 knife inside selling for $500. Don't get me wrong.. I'M A HUGE FAN AND HAVE ALMOST 40 SWISS ARMY KNIFEVES BUT THIS IS STUPID! I think Victorinox is loosing market share and they need someone smarter in marketing to save the sinking ship.