Nomad x Orbitkey Edition Key Organizer

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Orbitkey is no stranger to collaborations, but it’s not often we get to see one that fits them so well. This time, they partnered up with Nomad, known for their expertly crafted accessories made from top-quality materials. With both companies having started their first projects as a Kickstarter campaign, it’s no surprise they joined forces to bring you this fantastic mix between practicality and polish for the modern key organizer.

At the front and center of this collaboration is the use of Nomad’s signature Vegetable Tanned Horween Leather for the band. The band features unique stitchless construction to add to an already sleek and elegant look of the original Orbitkey design. The lack of stitches makes it smoother to the touch and reduces visual clutter for a minimalist look.

Another standout feature of the use of this premium leather is that it will develop a unique patina over time. Not only is Horween leather already at the top of its class in quality and feel, but over time it will keep a permanent record of all the adventures and getaways you take your Orbitkey on.

The rest of the organizer offers the same quality and thoughtful design you would expect from an Orbitkey. The Horween leather band wraps around and joins itself via a stainless steel post, which sports a classy black colorway. Using this unique locking post, you can stack and silence 5-7 of your keys. A custom blacked-out D-ring specially made for this collaboration lets you hang your car key fob or other accessories off the Orbitkey’s tail end.

Suppose you’ve been looking for the perfect way to add a premium touch to your EDC without sacrificing versatility. In that case, this limited edition collaboration is worth a spot in your pocket. Pick one up before they run out from Orbitkey at the link below.

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