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Release Roundup: Everyman's Fresh New Essentials

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Jonathan Tayag
Release Roundup: Everyman's Fresh New Essentials

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Everyman has been delivering high-quality, thoughtfully designed products via consecutive successful Kickstarter campaigns over the past few years. Their Everyman Grafton Pen is a value-packed, buy-for-life design that has won many EDCers over with its functionality, durability, and accessible price. Going into the holiday season, a festive new Grafton colorway joins the family, along with some sleek new siblings. In this roundup, we dive into the latest from Everyman and check out their best new gear to consider making part of your next EDC.

Super Matte OD Green Grafton

The slim and sleek new Super Matte OD Green Grafton has an elegant finish that rounds off this competent everyday carry writing tool. This new olive drab green treatment features an enhanced protective coating that makes the finish and body of the pen more durable through the bumps and scrapes of daily life. It also gives the green pen a rich texture and hue that looks great in hand, whether in the office jotting down a quick note or planning a hike out in the great outdoors. What's even cooler about this pen is that it's also available as a mechanical pencil. To do that, the click at the rear becomes an eraser to match. The ink refill in the pen's body gets replaced with a mechanical pencil lead holder, making this one of the most versatile EDC writing options.

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Grafton Mechanical Pencils

And if your primary EDC writing tool of choice is a mechanical pencil, Everyman has updated their Grafton Mechanical Pencils. They've improved the grooves in the grip area, making for a more comfortable and smooth writing experience. The new Grafton Mechanical Pencils come with a 0.5mm lead reservoir, but you can select 0.7mm if you prefer. We've already discussed the olive drab Grafton, but you should also know there are a few limited edition colorways available for Everyman's mechanical pencils. Their Aegean option provides a deep blue hue to the pencil. Their bright orange Taipan will stand out in your everyday carry. And with the limited edition deep red Crimson, you're sure to feel like you're writing three times faster. Each new Grafton Mechanical Pencil comes with an eraser at the tip, weighted to make for a comfortable writing experience that is hard to find off the shelf.

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Brass Mini Twist

Everyman took the traditional brass metal pen up a notch with their new Brass Mini Twist, with precision at the heart of it all. Everyman used precision machining techniques to shape the brass metal into the form of a helpful writing implement. That's obvious at first glance. What isn't so obvious is that the Brass Mini Twist has been precision-balanced. That's only something you can feel as you write with the pen, day in and day out. You get the right weight and heft you'd expect from something made of solid brass. But it's not so heavy that you find it uncomfortable to use. As the name implies, a twist of the crown reveals the tip of the ink cartridge inside. The Brass Mini Twist is also compatible with a wide range of ink refills, so you can pick the one that suits your requirements and get to work.

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Holden Card Wallets

Everyman slimmed down their Holden Card Wallets and made them available with a natural leather finish and ivory stitching. The result is a high-quality leather wallet that patinas over time. This front-pocket wallet is for people who have pared down to the essentials but still need more space than a highly minimalist everyday carry wallet can provide. With six pockets, the new Holden Card Wallet can let you have ID cards, credit cards, and cash in one slim package of 100% full-grain cowhide leather sourced locally in the United States.

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Turkish Peshtemal Towels

You may not think a towel is an everyday carry item, but if you go to the gym often (or you're lucky enough to make it out to the beach regularly), a towel is a nice thing to have. Otherwise, you'll have to use your t-shirt to dry up, and no one likes how that looks. These exclusive Peshtemal towels feature traditional Turkish cotton threads that get more absorbent after every wash. They also get softer in the process and look and feel much better than the discount store beach towel you might use instead.

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