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Montreal, Canada
This is just a follow-up to my original EDC post a few days back. Was getting ready to do some errands so I thought I'd show what my pouch looked like filled up.

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I love my edcm, it's made it so much easier to carry my stuff. Very nice carry
It's great I know. Have you seen the new EDCM Huge one they just came out with? It's a beast!
I have not, why did you tell me this?!?! My wife is gping to kill us both now
I have no idea why my phone is commenting like this....
I love multi cam! I have wanted to get and edc organizer for some time but just haven’t pulled the trigger.
Good looking carry Roy. How's that Al Mar wokring out for you?
It was actually the first "high end" knife I bought going on almost 4 years ago now. The VG-10 is great and seems to hold an edge just a tad longer than some of the spydercos I have in VG-10 although I have never really tested that's just a passing observation. The only issue I have with it is the blade is a little on the short side as I tend to prefer something approaching or at 4 inches nowadays. That's just a subjective point though, the knife itself is outstanding. Pocket clip is strong and carries as deep as it gets. The G10 is well textured (although more worn down from years of carry and use) but not rip up your pants Cold Steel level. The liner hasn't budged at all and lockup is as tight as the day I got it. Easily the smoothest knife I own that runs on washers of any kind and I couldn't believe they were teflon when I opened it up. The machining and rounding of the edges is so well done that I can't even feel any lip between the G10 and the liner, even with my fingernail. Overall I was impressed when I got it (albeit a little ignorant to the finer qualities of higher end cutlery at the time) and am still impressed enough to carry it every so often and break my personal rule of carrying a main blade in the 4 inch range.