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The James Brand The Kline

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The James Brand The Kline

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The James Brand is well-known in our community for making high-performance everyday carry folding knives with a touch of class and minimalist elegance at the heart of their design language. With The Kline, they've focused on making one of the best American-made EDC knives your money can buy today. Everything about the making of this knife, from its unique design, its quality materials, and its manufacture, took place in the United States. And the result is a tough, rugged knife with super-premium, cutting-edge stainless steel that looks as great as it can cut.

With a name that takes its inspiration from the Delaware River Valley in Pennslyvania, The Kline's larger size and sturdy, stabilized Micarta canvas handle scales show The James Brand's intent for this knife to excel in the great outdoors. Its ambidextrous TJB Slide Lock mechanism also makes it quite versatile. For more urban carry convenience, the tip-up, reversible deep-carry pocket clip allows this larger everyday carry blade to disappear into your pockets after the cut.

But the centerpiece of The Kline is the 3.4” modified drop point blade featuring a hollow grind and MagnaCut stainless steel. MagnaCut is one of the newest super-premium steels coming out of Crucible in the United States, and it is ultra-corrosion resistant and durable. And with its high maximum hardness of 63 Rockwell, it can take on a wicked-sharp edge and maintain that edge for longer.

With its top-tier MagnaCut stainless steel and American-made quality, The Kline is one of the best everyday carry knives you can pick up today. And if you get your order in within the next few days, you can even have it in hand just in time for a last-minute gift pick, even if that gift is for yourself. Pick up the Kline in three color variants from The James Brand at the link below.

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