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Trending: Handgrey KNOX Titanium Keyring

Bernard Capulong
Trending: Handgrey KNOX Titanium Keyring

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In pursuit of the perfect keychain, you might obsess over all the right tools to add to it. But chances are, not much thought goes into one central component—the split ring itself. After making fine titanium carabiners, Handgrey set its sights on making the ideal keyring in the KNOX. It’s their ambitious innovation on a tried-and-true piece of hardware as the next step towards a beautiful keychain. Well, the real beauty of it is that its 10-sided design opens laterally, taking the frustration out of slipping gear on and off. Next, it’s made from grade 5 titanium using precision EDM wire cutting and stone tumbled to a satin finish. Titanium makes this an admittedly pricey way to spare your fingernails the torture of cheap, stubborn split rings, but its durability and springiness ensure the ring will keep its shape even after repeated opening.

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