Interview: Tony Dofat, Music Producer

Tony Dofat
New York, NY

Tony Dofat is an established hip hop and R&B producer for Bad Boy Records with multi-platinum selling albums under his belt. As an avid food enthusiast, he's also created an online community for foodies, Lovesgrub.com.Website: Tonydofat.com and Lovesgrub.comSocial: @tonydofatFacebook: /producerTonyDofatPhoto credit: Malachi Dofat1. Blackberry Bold - Used only for emails and lengthy conversations due to the good battery life.2. Samsung Galaxy SIII - Used for social media and light texting3. Macbook Pro 13" - For my production catalog and work4. Eyeglasses - My everyday wear, if I'm not using my contact lenses5. Contact lens case - To store my contacts6. Contact lens solution - Just in case my contacts fall out and to store them in the contact holder7. Blackberry and Android charger - Mainly to charge my Android because the battery life sucks and what's life without social media8. Sandisk 8GB Flash drive - Used for easy transfers, you'll never know when it's needed9. Gucci credit card holder and money clip - I owned and used this for 20 years, literally10. Keys - Also contains my membership cards and a back-up thumb drive11. Seagate 320 GB Drive - For my large files, various Pro tool sessions of my current projects12. Advair Diskus - For my occasional bronchitis

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Sonny Patrick ·
I'm all about that ADVAIR life too. Nice carry!
Tyler Scruggs ·
Dang I miss my blackberry