Vintage Vibe EDC

Maker (age 32)
Coeur d Alene, Idaho
A nice Horween leather wallet, with some classic brass for an EDC that works well with dress or casual.

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Gotta love that brass, Chad! I've been building out my brass carry and I'm excited to get it posted in the coming weeks. I won't lie, your original brass based submission was an inspiration. ;-)
Thanks Chris. It's unfortunate that its hard to find good raw brass EDC items. So I'm really interested in your upcoming post.
I think that majority of the items I've acquired are mostly generic, in terms of quality. I've shopped some of the more common places, but a couple of the items will hopefully be unique enough to outweigh the less desirable pieces. :-)
I love that wallet!
Me too! Really nice!
That brass comb is a winner, love this EDC!
I'm digging the brass!! got to order me one of those combs!
Mmmm, I love the patina on brass.