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Ed Jelley
Long Island, NY
I don't really like to have a ton of stuff on me at any given time, but everything here manages to stay very close by. I find that keeping a whole bunch of bulky stuff in my pockets makes me less likely to carry what I would like to have with me. I also carry a bag (Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II) with me to work every day that has my laptop and some other stuff in it. That's for a different dump though...

- I have yet to find a comfortable way to carry my flashlight (Sunwayman V10R) in my pocket, so the iPhone pulls double duty. I keep it in an Apple official leather case in olive brown.

- The Nakaya fountain pen is my grail pen, it's always inked up within arms reach. When that is not being carried, the small Fisher bullet pen fills in. It's very small and easily goes unnoticed in my pocket.

- The Fitbit One has been extremely helpful in losing and managing my weight. Paired with MyFitnessPal, I get an accurate snapshot of how many calories I take in vs. how many burned in a day.

- The Fuji X100T has been everywhere with me since I got it. I used to lug around a DSLR and a lens or two in a separate bag, but the X100T has great quality, it's much smaller, and I can throw it in my jacket pocket with no problems.

- I don't smoke, but I like to have a lighter on hand. I especially liked the clean design of the 1941 brass Zippo.

- The Corter cardholder has converted me from carrying a traditional bifold. I keep a business card, emergency info card, gym membership card, a few CCs and usually a $20 bill.

- The Spyderco Dice is a great knife that I recently picked up. The flipper style opening is perfect for one handed operation and it's hair-popping sharp.

- The Orient Bambino is affordable and classy looking, but it gets swapped out regularly with a Seiko SKX173 and a Timex Expedition Military Field watch. Thanks for looking!

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craig b ·
I was gonna say... All them pens and no paper, but i guess you keep paper in your bag. Could give new meaning to "inking up your arm". Nyuck nyuck
Mark McNeely ·
I almost started hyperventilating when I saw that pen. Nice. I'm jelly.
Dan Simon ·
Nice dump. The V10R is a great light. I find a AAA light like the L3 ILLUMINATION L10C (with high CRI Nichia 219 LED), or the ThruNite Ti3 are very pocketable. I keep my AAA in my pocket and my RCR123 in my bag. And WOW that's one fine Nakaya. My balls wouldn't be big enough to EDC that.
Ed Jelley ·
Thank you! I'm a big proponent of using things I buy. If a pen is sitting on a shelf, behind glass, it's more than likely going to get sold for something I use more regularly. I had a little Fenix E05, but it crapped out. Considering a NItecore Tube for the keychain!
John Gleich ·
Fountain Pen but no notebook? I suppose perhaps it's in your bag (as you mentioned), but it seems like a pocket notebook would be useful even if you didn't have your bag with you.
Ed Jelley ·
I've been using the Field Notes Ambition 3 pack recently, all three books at once. There's a ledger, date book, and graph paper in each pack. I have all three in a Midori-style leather cover that's a little too thick for pocket carry, so that lives in my bag! When I'm done with this set, I'll definitely be adding a single book back to my pocket.
Richard Wezensky ·
I love that camera strap!
Ed Jelley ·
Thanks! I've had it for a few years now. It's great looking and durable, nice to have piece of mind when I know my camera isn't going to come crashing to the ground.
Andy F ·
Looks like a Gordy's – same as I have on my X100 :)
Ed Jelley ·
That's exactly what it is!