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My wife surprised with a Zebralight SC52 along with a pen and Field Notes for Valentine's. She knows my style!

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Chuck ·
Thanks for the post....I piqued my interest on the Magpul case for my IPhone 6 and found one in that same lovely blue. I ordered it today.... Opinions on the case so far?
Always wanted one of those maratec pilots, they were never in stock at countycomm!
Bernard Capulong ·
Wow, she got you a warm tint SC52? She's a keeper lol
LOL! It's actually the L2 cool white. I live in a mountain community on top of a steep dark hill. A super bright and floody light comes in handy when I have to go out at night. With a 14500 I can hit close to 500Lm.
H99661 ·
What kind of watch band is that? (Brand and model #)? It's beautiful, and I'd like to find a smaller variant of that for my own Maratac Mid-Pilot