Altoids Tin kit

Edmonton, Canada
Always in my edc shoulder bag during the work week, could be in a coat pocket or in the console of my car on the weekends. This kit doesn't pretend to save my life but it's there to smooth out the bumps that I could realistically encounter in my day-to-day.

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Why nuts and bolts?
I've posted Altoids Tin Kit Assembled as another carry. It shows all the stuff in the tin...
Thanks gentlemen. It seems there's only one arrangement of the contents in the tin that will allow the lid to "click" securely. Good, bad or indifferent- it deters me from opening it and jumbling it up!
Impressive. I'm also keen to see how you managed to fit all of that into an Altiods tin.
Very clever indeed.
I have at least three such 'Q Branch' kits in various bags. You need to add a ten dollar note and a USB stick. And I need to add some screws, nuts and bolts and alcohol swabs to mine. Very clever.
So much stuff! Would love to see it crammed into the tin