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Victorinox Alox Cadet

Bernard Capulong

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How do you take an already classic tool and make it even better? You slim it down and toughen it up. The Victorinox Alox Cadet does away with its iconic red cellidor scales in favor of stronger aluminum handles. You do miss out on tweezers and a toothpick, but otherwise, its well-selected toolset remains intact. What's left is a capable set of features for everyday tasks and an awesome workhorse of a blade. Add one to your EDC and you'll be glad to have plenty of extra versatility in a single super thin, strong, and easy-to-carry tool.


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Shane Alger ·
Bought a Silver one a few months ago, but girlfriend just bought me that exact black model for Valentine's Day lol. Great tool that I use every day. Even better woman!
I just lost mine, Missing it so much.
This, in silver, is the next piece of kit I will buy.
Michael Mutant ·
I have this black alox on my desk right now.. attached is a Python clip like most everything else lol.. I really like Victorinox products.
Jim Walke ·
Check out Swiss Bianco (www.swissbianco.com) for more color and tool variations on the Alox knives. He has (somehow) gotten permission from Victorinox to reintroduce old designs and improvise new ones. I have the Lumberjack in copper and it is great.
Chris Szaroleta ·
Very cool! Here's some irony...I literally JUST sent an email to a guy who does custom SAK scales ( www.sakmodder.com ) to see about getting the scales on my Cadet Alox replaced with brass scales - still building out that brass EDC! I came here, refreshed the always open everydaycarry.com tab on my Chrome browser, and BOOM, a Cadet Alox article. Neat.
Michael Mutant ·
Hi Chris,
Your brass scale replacement project for the Alox Cadet sounds AMAZING.. please keep us posted.
I've got a perfectly good Swiss Army from years ago that a Swiss Air pilot gave me but this new model I have seen makes me think about getting another one. I like the textured scales, might be better with wet hands.