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Victor Da Silva ·
So, 3 knives and a Sharpie? This I like a serial killer's go bag.
Sergey ·
Yeah, and do not forget the teeny-tiny flashlight!
Bill C ·
Sergey, nice carry, love the Maxpedition Micro in green (mine is black). How do you find the Opinel knife?
Sergey ·
Thanks for your comment!
If I understood your question right, I love it. Not all of Opinel knives, Jardin only. As for me it is the best "picnic" knife I've ever kept in my hands. But, you should to know, it's not for hard use tasks, because of a wooden handle and a thin blade. Ninety percents of the time I use it for cutting foodstuff. For other tasks I prefer to use leatherman multi-tools, Swiss army knives or outdoor Mora knives.
Bill C ·
Thank You for the thoughtful reply, yes, you perfectly understood my question. The Opinel knives are so attractive, but I think you sum up what I have been thinking, that they serve a specific purpose. Thanks for sharing your EDC and look forward to future posts!
Jesse ·
Regarding Opinel...I don't mean to ruffle anyone's feathers, but one of the virtues of the Opinel is that they're inexpensive. The first day I carried my No. 6, I used it to cut a scrap of carpet out of the blades of a lawnmower. Use it to cut wurst and cheese, but don't be afraid to maximize its potential:)
Michael Mutant ·
Sweet loadout!
John D. Newsome ·
I'm interested in the case! You didn't mention what kind of case it is(?!?).
Maxpedition Micro pocket organizer
I'm interested in the organizer too, thanks for the info!
Bill C ·
Maxpedition Micro, I love mine. The only catch is that you'll soon desire more Maxpedition gear once you own one!
LaBrousse ·
That is so true.
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