Kitchen Sink

Manila, Philippines
This is my "full" loadout; likely the most I'll ever be carrying (short of bringing a separate suitcase)

I forgot to include the knife in there. And I usually change sunglasses and watches depending on the mood - so those will likely keep on changing with each submission ;)

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Nice to see a fellow Filipino on everydaycarry.com like myself.
This is one of the best kits I've seen on here.
thumbs up on the handgrey!!
Wood sunglasses are the cat's pajamas!
Items 8–12 are all hanging off a single ring...what are they attached with? And what is the ring they are attached to? I think that was the most interesting part of this loadout to me and the only part other than your car keys without a label!
Bryson, sorry I just saw this question now.

8-12 are attached to a "disassembled" (took out the pull tab to be used elsewhere) Gamble Made Mini-D via Cogent Industries Ti Hookup Clips.

The Mini-D instead is connected to a Handgrey T90. Here's a closer look:


Although the T90s are on the left, and the right is an "old configuration"

Hope this clarifies things :)
That Keyfob (item #'s 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12) is awesome!
I do things of that nature using Python clips, may I suggest a tritium glow fob for your setup?
How have you liked your Ember Equipment Backpack?
The only ball they dropped is the phone pouch - only for iPhone 5 or smaller, and the magnet is right in the middle - so it makes the pouch spin ridiculously - sufficed to say I never used it.

Other than that, It works as advertised (ove-rengineered, modular, and sexy as hell) Definitely backing/buying their 2nd generation once it's out.