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Cogent Titanium Pen

Mikey Bautista

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Although the custom pen market is starting to get a little crowded, Kickstarter veteran Magnus Macdonald has one more hat to throw into the ring. His newest project is his take on the minimalist titanium pen, which has its share of features to set it apart from the rest. Its cap snaps on instead of screws on for easier access and more streamlined manufacturing. Macdonald designed the clip to be stronger than the usual bolt-on offering by integrating it right into the cap. The Cogent is machined out of grade 5 titanium and accepts two different Mont Blanc refills. Backers have a little over a month to make their pledge for a pen in one of three finishes.

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Collin ·
Hopefully you could buy the caps seperately. I imagine you would lose them quite often.
Michael J. ·
This is truly a magnificent pen. And to address the issue of loosing the cap, I don't believe it's possible. The design as well as craftsmen ship for this pen is no less than perfect. I recommend the new Titanium pencil as well.
Rockett ·
Looks good!